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How do you get rid of your cardboard waste?

Loose Cardboard Disposal - Londonderry, NH
If you generate your cardboard in Loose form then you are paying someone to dispose of that material for you. Cardboard is a raw material for Paper Mills that Recycle your material into new Cardboard Boxes. Don’t pay to dispose of your material call us today for a quote.
Baled Cardboard Disposal - Londonderry, NH
Congratulations!!! You understand the value of your cardboard scrap. Call us today for a quote, we ship direct to paper mills and offer the best price for LTL bales in North America.

Cardboard Baler Supplier in Londonderry, NH

Take care of your unwanted materials when you utilize the services from The Yorkshire Group. Our cardboard baler supplier in Londonderry, NH, is committed to maximizing your revenue through the use of our vertical baling equipment. With our cardboard recycling services and tools, you will not need to hire a third-party recycling company to do away with your excess raw materials. Request our assistance at your location today.

Why Bale?

Most companies don't think about the SALE of their scrap Corrugated and Plastic as selling a commodity, but that is exactly what it is. They mostly look at the cost of disposal or the price they received in loose form. If material is sold in loose form it has to be sent to a Recycling facility to be "Baled" or prepared for shipment to a Paper Mill. The Paper Mill completes the actual Recycling process. Installing a baler at your facility eliminates the need to add the cost of offsite processing and these savings are passed on to you.

When you take control of the sale of your scrap then you increase the value of your commodity, in many cases by as much as 100%. This of course depends on your market and geographic location.

Vertical Baling Equipment - Londonderry, NH